SHHS Year 7 Disco - SHHS Pupils

Saturday, January 28, 2023
South Hampstead High School, London, United Kingdom

SHHS Year 7 Disco - SHHS Pupils

Saturday, January 28, 2023
South Hampstead High School, London, United Kingdom

What you need to know

SHHS Year 7 Girls look forward to welcoming friends from nearby schools to their annual disco!


SHHS Year 7 Disco is open to all the SHHS Year 7 pupils as well as for Year 7 guests from local schools. We anticipate 250 pupils in total, and the disco will be held in the Sports Hall.

No need for this:

We will refund ticket prices for any reason no questions asked.


Tickets cost £22 each and include entrance to the disco and enjoyment of all food and amenities (i.e. music, photobooth, food). Funds are paid directly into a bank account in the name of Friends of South Hampstead (FOSH), a non-profit association.

One ticket per pupil may be purchased. SHHS Year 7 Disco tickets cannot be purchased for a pupil of a guest school. The SHHS ticket link is strictly reserved for SHHS Year 7 girls only - the guest link can be used for Year 7 guests from local schools.  


Purchasers are required to disclose pupil information and confirm that they are in year 7. When booking please provide:
1. The pupil's full name, school and year & class
2. Parent or legal guardian contact details (full name, email and telephone)

Upon arrival at registration each pupil will be checked in and given a registration number, which will be marked on their band or wrist. This number will align with their coat, if one is checked-in. When departing the registration number is crossed-out, showing they had been checked out. Once checked out, re-entrance to the disco will not be permitted.

Parents or legal guardians comfortable with their pupil walking home or departing independently to a waiting parent or legal guardian car must explicitly authorize this at time of booking and agree that once a pupil is signed-out and allowed to leave they are no longer FOSH/SHHS responsibility.


So we can plan the menu to accommodate all pupils, please identify in your booking if the attending pupil has any allergies, such as gluten-allergic, and if their dietary preference is vegetarian. 


Please decline this website's purchase protection offer, which cannot be turned off. As organisers we will refund any ticket price for children who cannot attend due to illness (I.e. COVID positive/quarantining).


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